85 Degrees West


85 Degrees West is a luxury travel and extreme sports blog. It chronicles the life of Alexandra Pethtel based on her passion for traveling, specific tastes, and thrill seeking adventures. No matter where her travels take her, home will always be 85 Degrees West.

Brand Colors

Soft, rich and feminine we kept the colors muted, yet unique. Golds, grays and light pinks reminiscent of sunsets and of course gold hardware.


This web font combination lends itself to a classic editorial feel. Using a serif as body copy helps readers feel a bit nostalgic.

Custom Icon Set

I created icons to differentiate her sidebar categories based on Travel Tips, Destinations, Adventures and Finds. Insider travel tips on where to stay, where to shop, makeup tips, hair & spa recommendations, where to eat, and what to read. Homepage also includes a longitude/latitude feature Alex can easily update so readers know where she is in the world.

Website Design

Wanting to highlight the beautiful imagery from far off destinations like Africa, Asia, Paris, all the way to Colorado, Michigan, Los Angeles, and Barcelona I gave Alex lots of space to showcase her photos. Categories were created and featured on the homepage highlighting interesting things to do from heli-skiing, shark diving, ultra lights, and bungee jumping for those who love adventure. With a background in Interior Design, she makes note of key pieces and items she comes across on all of her travels on the Finds page. Alex gives us a taste of all of these things in a clean and sophisticated way as readers follow along to see where her next adventure will take her.

This site is launching soon.

  • Development:Steven Schopp
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